So You Hate Your Job and Want To Quit Now

6 Things To Be Aware of Before You Do Anything

Course Summary

Where Do You Want to Be?

When I was a kid, Disney put out a movie called Gallegher. It was the story of a very assertive mischievous juvenile that loved journalism and seemed to be always getting in someone's way to get the truth. It's very catchy theme song had these words in it...

Gallegher... nosing around for Who, What, When, Where, How; What, When, Where, Why; What, When, Where, News... Gallegher got the News!

But here is the TRUTH! These aren't only questions that make great journalism. They are essential aspects of Personal Career Transition.

If you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right solution... You won't get to The Truth.

Good journalism answers these questions in three different areas pertaining to your World of Work

(1) PACE:
Are you aware of the impact of your actions? The Benefits & Consequences of your timing and progress. Too Slow, too Fast and anything in between.  Are you overthinking your next steps? Or are you under thinking them? Are you missing opportunities? WHEN

Do you Understand Your Career Timeline & Comfort Zones? Where are you on your career timeline. It makes a difference? WHERE
Are you prepared to look in those places you wouldn't typically look to find your next opportunity? WHAT

You MUST Know Who you are & the root cause of the career issue in the first place.
Have you discovered everything about yourself? WHO
Have you identified the problems you are dealing with? WHY

Once you have dealt with these questions, you will be on your way to finding your HOW to move forward... you next steps!

Whether it be slight discomfort or you absolutely detest your job, you will have a variety of reactions.
     1. Too slow out of the gate and miss opportunities
     2. Change too quickly without a plan and end up in a worse position
     3. Haven't clearly identified your Work Issues

When you have completed this course, You will have looked at these three issues as well as three other serious considerations when you find yourself in a job career dilemma.
     a) When your work is in some level of turmoil...
     b) Knowing what to be conscious of, and...
     c) Understanding six things to be Aware of...
     d) Can help you move on sensibly and not make costly mistakes.

Course Curriculum

Murray Comber

Kelly Dickie

Law Clerk

“Murray’s So You Hate Your Job and Want to Quit Now guided me in assessing my next steps and ultimately helped me to secure new employment in order to facilitate a career shift. After over two decades in my chosen field, once again my career path seemed to have lead me to a crossroads, I knew I needed a change. Then suddenly I was unemployed and had to take stock of my career. No matter the age or stage, this course can help you to plot your journey and really take an active role in your career path.”

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So You Hate Your Job and Want to Quit Now

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  • 6 Things to be Aware of before you even consider your next step. Preparing for a career shift takes time...let's think it through.

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