The Seven Stages of Your Career Journey for Students

Key Upfront Learning Students and A Lifetime Overview of The Career You Will Pursue

Course Summary

Life is a journey.

I know you are students. You have the excitement of life ahead of you as you begin your journey.

Given your age, this may sound a little blunt, but it is a reality. It begins at ends at Death!

This Course is what happens in between.

Between those two we live life in increments...Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years and Decades (and on rare occasion, a Century)

These increments fall into certain categories. There are Two Ways they could be broken down in the big picture. Doing so in thirds is an obvious approach...
First Way
    1) Sleeping, 2) Living and 3) Working.
Second Way
    1.  Living Life Personally (Recreation, Education, Exercise, Travel, Spirituality, etc)
    2.  Living Live with Others...your Significant Other, Family and Friends
    3.  Living Life in your World of Work & Employment (where 40 or 50 years of our life is spent)

The most important one is Life, both your Personal and your Family Life. It is where all your core drivers are.  But a huge part of life that affects all the others is this third one...WORK. But we tend to take a more  more passive hopeful approach to our careers rather than clear focused,  action oriented one.
When you take the more passive appoach you either...
    * Get it wrong at the beginning hoping things will change, but with educational debt, can't afford to,
    *  Recognize during mid career that things aren't  going to change and are to scared to do anything about it, or
    *  Your nearing Retirement and you decide  to stick out out until it's over.

Whether like you, being at at the beginning, or the middle or the end of your working years, all of us need to have a high-level view of what our Career(s) will look like from beginning to end. The entire process I present in "Seven Stages. Most stages are part of the natural process. There are a couple that are optional that you decide as the opportunities arise that suit your career path of your choosing at the time.

Two words are important… Projection and ReflectionAs Students, you are in the Projection Stage. Once you get some time into the career you have chosen, the Reflection Stage will kick in. You will use those reflections to assist you in any future career decisions you will make. It works this way...
    *  Earlier in the stages you will Project more than Reflect.
    *  Later in the stages you will Reflect more than Project.
    *  When you’re in the middle you have to both Reflect and Project.

Each stage has something significant that contributes to your career journey to help you manage it. As you mature overtime in your World of Work, this deserves your attention as the career discovery & transition shifts as you approach each stage.

Take Note that as you start this course, before I get to the core training...
     a) I walk you though some important career insights that Students need to be made aware of,
     b) Re-enforced them with some stories,
     c) Illustrate the way you view the Seven Steps,
then jump right into the Seven Step journey, starting with your Early Life and ending with Retirement, to help you approach your Life and Career in a more Holistic manner, so you Personal Life, your Life with Others and your Work Life are all in sync.

Take it All in and ENJOY!

Course Curriculum

Murray Comber

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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